Irrespective of the number of carriers, type and multitude of Telco services, or the complexity of the overall course of action, GCTE (General Consulting and Trading Establishment) directs your Telco Portfolio Management to one goal: simplification and cost saving! Only one single competent service contact. Simple business processes. Service and cost transparency. Trouble-free administration.
Why do you need GCTE?
Discover how we manage to keep you well-organized, flexible and proficient...
What does your company get?
GCTE adds value to your business and shares with you indispensable knowledge and expertise in the discipline of "Telecom Portfolio Management"...
What do we do for your company?
Telco Portfolio Management today not only requires a thorough knowledge of the profession...
How do we do it?
Telecom advisers and Telco portfolio managers need the right services with the right tools to efficiently manage...
Which are our partners?
All the major swiss and international carriers used to build up our solutions.
Which are our brands?
We operate in the swiss market with two brands, Swistel and Piùquarantuno. Swistel is a group of independent Telecom consultants and Piùquarantuno is associated with Swistel in offering personalized Telco services.